Bubbling B


Arojojoye Blessing Edike, a seasoned teacher, a versatile presenter and a talk active person. A chatter box with a mien for constructive criticism. She is set to build a queer career in the world of media.

‘Tori Tori Madam’ The Delta State born, a certified Oral English Language Teacher, a multi lingual presenter ( English Language, Pidgin, Yoruba and Ukwani ) who believes that effective communication lies in the ability to speak the language of others.

She is also a trained Mass Communicator from the Lagos State Polytechnic.

3.15PM - 3.45PM



Tori Tori is a pidgin based show that discusses the ills a and norms of the society in the most amusing way.
From family deficiencies, to government bureaucracy, religious brouhaha, and lots more.

On top Tori Tori yarn... every mata consine you.